I talk.
I make voices.
I create characters.

Micah Touchet is a voice actor in North LA with an uncanny ability to create authentic characters for voice over projects.

Listen to my Demos

Cajun Demo

Characters Demo

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

A few clients I’ve worked with

Synaptik Média inc.
Savannah College of Art and Design
Philippines Independent Missions
Starco Impex
Brinkman Adventures
Graham Oleson
A Bit of Time Travel
Naskila Gaming
Coconut Joe’s

Wholesale Outlet
USA Millennium
Go Juice
Witnesses Audio Show
Spirit Blade Productions
Shadows and Daylight
Farol Filmes
Eternal Future Productions
Love Advertising

Phil Lollar
Iliad House
Misfits Audio
Forward Momentum Productions
Leave Me On Hold
Tannhauser Gate Entertainment
Legacy Radio Theatre
Louisiana Shrimp Shack
Southern Gothic Podcast

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